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ProBlast is establishing itself as a formidable service provider in the surface blasting industry. With well over 50 years’ combined experience our highly skilled and well-trained team provide smart and efficient blasting solutions to meet the requirements of specific mining and quarrying operations with the aim of increasing productivity and targeting down-stream benefit.

We have a comprehensive fleet of equipment and can provide a full range of bulk explosives, packaged explosives and initiation systems. Bulk explosives are produced on site with a large fleet of in-house developed Mobile Mixing Units (MMUs) ranging from 6 tonne to 20 tonne capacity.

ProBlast successfully provides drilling and blasting services and explosives supply to clients in the Platinum, Chrome, Coal and Limestone industry. The combined operations exceed 4 000 000 BCMs and 3 500 tonnes of explosives per month.

Our Mission

  • To apply technology and expertise
  • To increase our clients value and thereby build sustainable relationships through honest and safe practices

Our Vision

To be recognised as an expert partner in the contract mining field who offers real value-add in a safe and honest partnership

Company Values

  • Health and Safety
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork

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