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About Us

SkyTEM is a leading airborne geophysical survey company offering the acquisition and advanced processing of transient electromagnetic (TEM), magnetic and radiometric data. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to achieving good results through appropriate and innovative technologies, operational efficiency and delivery of accurate and timely earth data.

We began as a breakthrough technology with the unique dual-moment capability to map both shallow and deep geology, concurrently and in high resolution. We remain totally involved in improving how the world maps the subsurface.

We offer a choice of systems, each with a focus on the depth and resolution requirements of the mineral, energy, engineering and water sectors. Our deliverables include a diverse range of map products and visualizations such as 3D images and inversions within 48 hours.

Our Work

We recognize that the world needs all the water, energy and mineral resources we can develop and we work continuously to develop ways to map and manage these resources.

We distinguish ourselves by:

Fast Survey Completion

  • Acquisition of up to 1,000 line kilometres per day
  • Robust system for challenging weather and terrain conditions
  • Rare reflights required due to system engineering and survey planning
  • Professional and competent field staff

Fast Data Delivery

  • Data QC performed in the field as data is acquired
  • Preliminary data delivered within 48 hours
  • Allowing decision on in-fills to be made during the survey

High-quality Accurate Data

  • DualMoment maps near sureface in high resolution concurrently with accurate measurements to depth
  • Depth of penetration can be customized to suit the geology and target
  • Meeting with the client to present and discuss final results
  • Advanced processing options
Contact Information
Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways, Sandton, South Africa 2191