Dafo SV-K System


Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has fulfilled the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 5062:2016 – Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment for their SV-K fire suppression system. This has been granted with a Certificate of Approval by the Certification Body Global-Mark. The AS 5062-standard is equivalent to the Zambia Bureau of Standards new standard ZS1209/2019.

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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection offers a complete range of fire detection and fire suppression systems for vehicles – from simple solutions to tailor-made systems for heavy duty mining vehicles. With the right dimensioned automatic fire suppression system, you get quick and effective protection that limits the consequences of a fire and gives vital time to evacuate – which can be extra important in a mine.

Fire protection in heavy duty mining vehicles places high demands on both equipment and durability.

The Dafo Vehicle fire suppression system consists of four integrated elements; Detection, Alarm, Suppression and Control which work together in a coordinated, fast, and efficient way to suppress fires. Dafo Vehicle use a robust linear heat detector cable. Large heavy-duty mining vehicles have large engine compartments.

It is therefore important that the engine compartments are protected with additional suitable detection systems such as smoke and flame detectors in addition to the linear heat detector which then provides the vehicle maximum fire protection. This includes a multizone temperature detection technology that can indicate excess temperature in multiple zones.


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