MD Refrigeration Dryer


MD range direct expansion refrigeration dryers are essential to eliminate the concentration of humidity and contaminants that the air compression process generates.

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Compressed air is used in industrial productive processes, as it is a clean and convenient energy source. However, to optimise the efficiency of the system, this important resource needs to be properly treated to assure top efficiency. The ambient air intaken by a compressor always contains the water vapour, the value of which depends on the temperature and the relative humidity degree. When the air is compressed, the volume decreases proportionally but all the exhausted water vapour still remains in the air. Condensate corrodes piping, solenoid valve, pneumatic tooling and the user is then obliged to stand expensive repair interventions; especially the expensive “down times” cannot be controlled very easily.

In case the compressed air is used as “process air” the installation of a Mattei dryer is essential to eliminate the condensate polluting the production cycle.


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