AEF 2020

Namibe’s mining potential transformation into wealth defended

The minister of Natural Resources and Petroleum, Diamantino de Azevedo, reinforced last Wednesday in Mocâmedes, capital of the south-western Namibe Province, the need to turn the region’s mining potential into real wealth.

Speaking at the opening of a workshop, the minister advocated the need for a study to be conducted on the potential of the region.

This study, explained the government official, requires capital, hence the necessity for state and private  intervention.

As regards the Cassinga mining and steel project, in the southern Huíla Province, the minister highlighted that, although the mining resources are located in Huila Province, it will be in connection with the Sacomar Mining Port, in Moçâmedes.

For this reason, he defended the creation of logistics and industrial infrastructures in the Namibe Province, for the transformation of the steel into iron.

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He explained that the objective of the workshop was to present the province’s potential, based on previous, current and other studies to be done in the broad national geology plan.

Themes on licensing, legislation and mining registration and projects under implementation are being addressed at the workshop.

In the oil field, the National Petroleum and Gas Agency will address the hydrocarbon potential of Namibe Province and the steps that have been taken in terms of bids for oil blocks exploration in the province.