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Victaulic – the partner of choice for efficient mining operations

Victaulic realises the importance of the mining industry in Africa, and as such prides itself in its ability to offer the sector with innovative solutions that promote effectiveness, safety and the reduction of unnecessary costs.

According to Marcel Ley, Victaulic Regional Manager, apart from considering mine operational costs, mine operators should champion and continue to promote health and safety on duty which he believes will continue to build trust not only with investors, but with employees as well, showcasing that the company cares and is investing in solutions to decrease the underground risks.

Victaulic has been able to address the needs of its global mining client base by supplying them with the optimal products to ensure maximum profitability, safety and a reduction in time spent.

Victaulic Series 725S diverter valve

One such product is Victaulic’s Series 725S diverter valve which as the industry’s first grooved-end valve designed specifically for paste backfill lines, has provided vast improvements in the efficiencies of backfill operations while providing reliable service.

The product comes as a result of continuous investment and innovation from the part of Victaulic and is designed to deliver significant time- and cost-savings in the field, as well as offers a real competitive advantage.

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“The innovation behind the valve is most notably the ability to eliminate the need for the repositioning of fill lines and with this a reduction in handling which leads to a more efficient operation,” explains Ley. “Additionally, the valve provides 180-degree service, reducing the need for employees to manually redeploy backfill piping systems to other areas within the mine operation and therefore saving time and reducing risk which ultimately leads to cost savings.”

The valve’s innovative design can reduce maintenance downtime by up to 95 percent and generate up to 60 percent savings in annual maintenance costs. Moreover, the component encloses all wear parts into a single seat cartridge kit which greatly simplifies the maintenance process, reduces maintenance time, and allows for the valve to remain installed through ongoing maintenance cycles.

This first-of-its-kind, revolutionary design eliminates the need for rigging with heavy chains and pulleys swinging over the heads of maintenance crews. As testament to this, a customer in British Columbia, Canada, recorded savings projections amounting to in excess of more than $2 million per year – a massive saving for any organisation.”

Victaulic Series 795 knife gate valve

Series 795 Pneumatic

Easily assembled, disassembled, moved, and reused; Victaulic’s Series 795 knife gate valve offers a flexible and leak-tight alternative to conventional products; with the ability to be fitted in a fraction of the time in tighter spaces with far less labour and equipment than orthodox knife gates.

Designed for fluid lines containing solids and abrasive materials, the valve allows for all wear parts to be easily replaced in-line without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline.

“A mining client recently explained that every hour his plant stands still effectively costs him R250 000 in lost production,” comments Ley. “This means that reduced maintenance time when replacing a Victaulic Knife Gate Valve can save him as much as R 687 500 in just one day. Over a year where several cases of unplanned maintenance can occur this number can be much larger.”

Victaulic HDPE solutions

It’s no secret that HDPE piping is considered the fastest growing segment in the piping industry today. Further improvements in materials science and an increase in performance standards have made HDPE piping suitable for a variety of applications in the mining sector.

Victaulic couplings install 10 times faster when compared to conventional fusing methods and with only simple hand tools, workers will be able to install the joint without expensive fusing equipment, expertise and power sources. This results in the installation not being determined by weather conditions and offers the ideal solution to joints in tighter spaces as no complex equipment is required.

Whether it carries compressed air, water or slurry, the success of a mine operation is dependent on the piping systems’ always-on operation, with downtime equating to immense losses. Moreover, maintenance costs on average amount to 30-50% of a mine site’s total operating costs, while downtime due to shutdowns, equipment unavailability, and change-outs can cost millions and have significant roll-on effects.

Victaulic continues to transform various industries and most notably the mining sector by offering the most advanced engineering technologies and services. The company’s uncomplicated technology coupled with the durability of its products have ensured that Victaulic remains the preferred solution provider in the global industry.

Victaulic will be present at Electra Mining Botswana. Be sure to enquire about what solutions the company can offer to your business.

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