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ArcelorMittal’s South Africa unit to face emissions charges

ArcelorMittal’s South African unit said on Monday it had received a summons instituting criminal proceedings for three charges relating to transgressions of its atmospheric emissions licence at its Vanderbijlpark operations.

The charges relate to allegedly conducting certain activities without the emissions licence and failure to adhere to the licence.

If found guilty the company, majority-owned by ArcelorMittal, said it could face a fine of up to 15 million rand ($1.04 million).

The company said that it had obtained legal advice and would adhere to the relevant legal processes.

“The company remains committed to focusing on and improving its social, economic, financial and environmental performance to ensure a sustainable organisation,” it said in a statement.


Vanderbijlpark Works, in the country’s Gauteng province, is one of the world’s largest inland steel mills.