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GreaseMax® lubricators – design and operation

GreaseMax® lubricators have a world-wide reputation for performance and reliability. There are a number of elements that are important to its success.

GreaseMax’s unique operation is based on a simple, proven, design concept:

  • Effective and reliable operation
  • Simple to use
  • No maintenance or adjustment required
  • Cost-effective
  • Steel body – essential for good performance in mining and heavy industry and/or in conditions where there is heat and pressure.

Importantly GreaseMax® operates with a unique chemical operating system, rather than an electrical (battery powered) operation. This is fundamental to its reliability and performance. A brief summary of the main details follows:

NO ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS  GreaseMax® lubricators have no issues with:

  • Batteries – flat, stolen, or needing replacement on site
  • Complex activation and setting requirements
  • Faults with contacts & switches
  • Electric motors
  • Circuit boards failing from vibration
  • Daily temperate cycles (hot day/cold night) causing condensation, or humidity, inside the unit, affecting electrics.

NO MECHANICAL COMPONENTS – No mechanical failures.

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SAFE – Annually tested and approved by TÜV Germany for world-wide safety approval.

PROVEN DESIGN – All aspects of the GreaseMax® design are proven – particularly the critical chemical operation (not all chemical operating systems are the same nor do they deliver the same results!).

GreaseMax Cutaway
GreaseMax Lubricators’ activation and operation

STEEL BODY – The performance required, particularly output pressure, can only be achieved with a steel body. The steel body withstands both heat and pressure without deforming or ‘ballooning’ – which will cause failure.

GreaseMax® performance, and therefore both its operation and discharge can be verified with Condition Monitoring, or by checking the bearing temperature, or by the grease discharge through the seals – all positive tests for correct lubrication.

NOT ADJUSTABLE – To make the unit adjustable would require electronic control or mechanical adjustment. Either method means a more complex design – and more potential for failure. Also, it is just as easy to incorrectly set as to correctly set, an adjustable unit. Unauthorized interference is also prevented.

NOT REFILLABLE – A refillable is product is more complex and requires incorporation of many of the features that were rejected for GreaseMax® as they lead to inferior results.  A relatively time-consuming and costly on-site changeover of batteries and proprietary grease cartridges, without contamination entering the unit, and which must be done in correct detail, often in difficult site conditions – dusty and windy – is required. It introduces a human element into the product’s reliability and performance.  The cost of use will be higher, and the reliability degraded.

GreaseMax®simply superior single point lubrication!