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Mitigate dust with the Elkhart Brass WPO-2000

The Elkhart Brass Water Powered Monitor Oscillator (WPO) is the most versatile and reliable water powered monitor oscillator system available today. Combined with an Elkhart Brass industrial monitor, it provides a high quality, flexible, fire protection or dust mitigation system that is both cost effective and easy to operate.

Unlike other integrated water-powered oscillator systems, the Elkhart Brass WPO-2000 can easily be integrated into an existing installed fixed system without having to alter monitor elevation. The compact design enables retrofitting with existing installed fixed systems without any concern about increasing monitor elevation to alter original aiming of the monitor at the hazard. This can be accomplished without having to take the monitor and oscillator out of service. The FM approved, low profile WPO-2000 is designed to provide up to 30°/sec oscillation speed when installed between a monitor and a valve or manifold/hydrant outlet.

Built to last, the WPO-2000 is constructed with materials suitable for the aggressive environmental conditions of many mining operations. It is constructed with corrosive resistance materials such as 316 stainless steel and 85 Brass. All waterway components of the WPO-2000 system, including flange, bypass pipe, and turbine, are constructed out of biofouling resistant materials. The use of a double reduction oil bath gearbox ensures durability, reliability, and extends the life for continuous use.

Water powered monitor oscillator systems enable automation of fixed monitor fire protection or dust mitigation systems without the need for running electrical wires. The Elkhart Brass WPO-2000 can simply be turned on by flowing the monitor when the standpipe valve is opened either locally or via remote valve controls. Capable of 15° to 120° arc of oscillation range, the WPO-2000 provides a wide coverage area.

The advent of water powered monitor oscillator systems like the Elkhart Brass WPO-2000 ensure reliable and effective solutions for fire protection or dust mitigation without human intervention. To learn more about the WPO 2000, please visit: Monitor Accessories or contact:
Paul Gaines – Elkhart Brass Global Sales Manager-Construction and Mining
E-mail: pgaines[at]
Phone: 817-946-6534.

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