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NDC call for more details on Zambia’s gold prospect

The National Democratic Congress has appealed to the geological survey department to conduct a new exploration on gold deposits in the North Western province.

NDC North Western Province Coordinator Marc Kalemba says it is saddening that 55 years after independence, the country has scanty details on gold prospects in the country.

Mr. Kalemba said it is high time that Zambia seriously explored and harnessed the mining of gold besides copper.


He said government should also take advantage on the discovery of gold in the North western region by attracting serious investors to conduct gold mining.

Mr. Kalemba said the opening up of gold mines will help create jobs in the country and has demanded that clear policy guidelines on gold mining are immediately put in place.

He said the NDC is aware on the influx of foreign nationals who are conducting illegal gold mining particularly in Mwinilunga district and have also seen in the recent past how PF carders have been fighting over gold in Chief Chibwikas of Mwinilunga district.

Mr. Kalemba lamented that Government is losing out on revenue generation arising from such illegal gold mining activities adding that the unregulated mining of gold is being done without the necessary safety measures.

He said the recent death of three gold miners in Mwinilunga clearly underscores the need to improve safety standards in gold mining.

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