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CMS Tanzania invests over 8 billion/- to acquire mobile drill rigs to support mining sector

Dubbed’ Swick Gen II Mobile Drill Rigs’, worth approximately 8,116,400,000 (US$3.5 million) have been acquired to provide grade control and development at the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine.

“CMS are excited to introduce highly sophisticated underground drilling technology in Africa and the world to our Tanzanian operations. Our drill crews and maintenance teams are now trained to work with the advanced electronics in this new equipment, and it will enhance our already outstanding safety performance,” said Ambassador Ami Mpungwe, Chairman of CMS Tanzania Limited.

Ambassador Mpungwe said the company committed to continue investing in the country’s mining industry with its most recent investment in equipment for use in their drilling operations.

He said along with the investment in the new advanced equipment to run the company’s operations efficiently and with addition of value to its services, CMS Tanzania Limited has also invested in human resource empowerment through training programmes both online and on site for its employees who are Tanzanian nationals.

He said the training programmes are designed to equip Tanzanian nationals with the necessary know-how skills needed to manage operating the advanced electronic technology incorporated in the rigs, specifically in preparation for the arrival of the new equipment.

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The chairman added the company’s training programmes are in line with supporting the Tanzanian government in advancing technology to boost the national economy as well as development in the mining sector.

“Thanks to the training, CMS’s drill crews, who comprise wholly Tanzanian employees, will now have the skills to competently operate some of the most innovative and technically sophisticated equipment working underground across Africa,” he said.

The substantial investment in this leading equipment demonstrates CMS’s commitment to their operations in Tanzania. The company was founded in Tanzania in 2005, and it has maintained a continuous presence for 16 years, the only international drilling company to do so. Furthermore, it has established dedicated facilities in the Mwanza devoted to servicing their multiple operations in the country. This facility not only services the company’s drill rigs, but has also manufactured new, innovative support equipments. CMS now employs 418 Tanzanians across all aspects of its business.

“We believe in the potential of the Tanzanian mining industry, as has been demonstrated by our enduring commitment over the last 16 years. As such, we continue to commit to providing the very latest industry-leading equipment and standards to our clients here. This is reflected in the substantial investment into this current rig, with plans for a further two rigs to join the Tanzanian fleet this year, one of which is already in transit to the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine”, said Ambassador Mpungwe.

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