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Beka Schreder
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GreaseMax lubricators – an effective solution for fan bearing lubrication

Fans are critical to the operation of mines and mineral processing plants. Ventilation, fume and exhaust extraction is dependent on them. Underground mines and mineral processing plants can’t operate without them. Often the operating conditions are hot and humid which creates additional challenges for bearing reliability.

Lubrication is a fundamental factor influencing plant reliability.

GreaseMax continuous automatic lubricators provide an effective solution for fan bearing lubrication.

  • GreaseMax lubrication minimises or eliminates lubrication-related failures.
  • Grease degradation issues in difficult operating conditions, for example where heat and humidity are factors, are eliminated.
  • GreaseMax can be used with long feed lines which are often needed for fan lubrication.
  • Productivity is improved with higher plant reliability