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GreaseMax® Lubricators prevent over-greasing or use of the wrong grease to ensure plant operating efficiency

Over-greasing bearings leads to higher maintenance and energy costs.

Torque, and therefore energy, is needed to keep bearings turning. There is a direct relationship between the energy required and the operating costs of the plant.

Bearings that are over greased need more torque, therefore energy, to push the rolling elements through the excess grease. This excess grease is also the cause of grease churning which causes higher temperatures, a reduction in grease life and reduced bearing life – leading to higher maintenance costs as well as higher plant operating costs due to the additional energy needed.

The base oil viscosity is a critical physical property of a lubricant. Consideration needs to be given to speed, load, temperature and the operating conditions of the plant when selecting a lubricant that has a suitable base oil viscosity. If the viscosity is too low then additional friction is expected, causing wear and premature bearing failure. If the viscosity is too high the result will be viscous drag. In both instances more energy is used than would otherwise be required, which of course directly relates to efficiency and operating costs.

GreaseMax lubricators improve plant efficiency and reduce costs by providing reliable, controlled lubrication.

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