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Mining looks to technology-focused suppliers

Technology’s contribution to a more sustainable mining sector was one of the central messages from mining CEOs at the recent Joburg Indaba; suppliers are hearing the call, according to South Africa-based explosives leader BME.

Nadia Statham – BME’s General Manager Commercial

“Speakers at the Joburg Indaba reminded us that South Africa’s mining sector can take great strides in efficiency by deploying technology and embracing the era of modern mining,” said Nadia Statham, BME’s general manager: commercial. “The good news is that many mining suppliers have been innovating and applying solutions to assist mines embrace technology and become more efficient.”

Statham noted that the overall sentiment at the conference was positive – an encouraging indication that the industry was ready to face and overcome its many challenges.

“Our ever-changing landscape constantly demands better responses to issues ranging from foreign investment and mine safety, to environmental impacts and community engagement,” she said.

She highlighted that safety remained a mining imperative – and was also a field which can benefit from technological advances by mining suppliers.

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“To remain relevant and efficient, the mining industry needs not just to adapt to new technologies but to embrace them,” she said. “The same holds true for all businesses servicing the mining industry; they must partner with the mines and lead innovative solutions that mines require.” These advances would also be vital in helping mines address the rising costs in the sector, assist with decision making and drive safety.

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