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Tanzania resumes export of mineral concentrates

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said that the government of Tanzania has approved exportation of mineral concentrates after establishing a proper revenue collection system.

Mr Majaliwa was speaking in parliament during the Questions and Answers session.

He made the statement in response to a question by Member of Parliament for Msalala (CCM) Idd Kassim who wanted to know why the government had banned exportation of mineral concentrates and why government had resumed its exportation.

Majaliwa said the Government had suspended export concentrate since 2017/18 due to allegations of theft and fraud.

He said the ban was aimed at conducting a satisfactory investigation and calling for the establishment of a local company where it established the Twiga Company where the Government has a joint venture.


Majaliwa said a clear permit system has been set up and no container is transported to the port without a permit.

“The government has been paying close attention to the situation after holding the shipment,” he said.

He added: There are more than one type of minerals found in the sand that was being transported but they did not tell us until when the probe committee released its report.

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